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 Silent Press, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, publishes photo-documentaries and hybrid genres using documentary photography. Our mission is to produce beautiful books and, in a market increasingly dominated by large corporate interests, help innovative, compassionate projects reach appreciative audiences. Works-in-progress include photo-documentaries exploring the causes and effects of suicide, the daily life of Palestinians living in the West Bank pre and post Yasser Arafat, and the Polish economy before and after joining the European Union.

New from Silent Press

  FALLING PRACTICE, by Karen Jorgensen and Erin Lubin

2005, paperback, ISBN 0-9769463-0-0, $14.95.

Falling Practice is a chronicle of discovery, a poignant story told through the eye of a photojournalist and the voice of a woman dying from a fatal disease. Erin Lubin and Karen Jorgensen lead us into an astonishing world, pausing and side-tracking just enough to help us catch our breath and look deeply into ourselves and our restless lives. Through photos and words, the authors gently invite us to see life clearly, face our fears, and enter each moment with courage and a full heart. This is a truly unique and beautiful work.

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